Will I be Fat and 40

Friday 23 April 2010

Weight loss up date and new measurements

well it's been a while since i've blogged but i've been a tad bit busy with Gangshow etc but i'm happy to say the weight is still coming off. I currently weight 164lb which is a total loss of 22lb so only approx 31lb to go if i decide that i want to get to 9 1/2 stone but i may stop at 9stone 10lb which was my weight before I'd had Georgina.
Measurements are as follows
Waist = 36" (total loss of inches = 4 3/4" )
Hip = 41 3/4" (total loss of inches = 5 1/4")
Bust = 42 3/4" (total loss of inches = 4 1/4 )
Thigh = 24" (total loss of inches = 1" )
Arm = 12" (total loss of inches = 1 1/4" )

that gives me a total loss of inches all over of 16" OMG!!!!!!

The only problem is i'm down to 2 pairs of jeans that fit lol but i'm not buying any more because i've got oodles of pairs of size 14's in the loft and i love every pair!!!!

Friday 26 February 2010

No weightloss this week

but i'm not worried. I drank a vat of wine with Dave at the weekend so didn't really expect to lose. However i did start my leap group on tuesday and i've got a good feeling about it :0)

There were lots of lovely people there and we met the lady who's organising our fitness hour. Starting with Circuits next week but they are tailored to your ability. I've told her i can't do full jacks and it's nothing to do with my ability to do them but rather the lack of ability of my pelvic floor!!!

I've been a good girl so far since then and am making a note of what i eat but think i may need to update my calorie counting book. I'm still struggling with the 3 portions of dairy they are telling me i have to eat but i'm trying!

We also set out weekly goal which for me was to use my stepper for 20 mins every other day and so far i've managed to keep to it (infact i went over it on wed by 5 mins). The reward i've set myself is £5 into a kitty for new clothes. By the end of the 12 week course i may have £60 if i've been a good girl and stuck to my goals. Which reminds me i must go and do my stepper before I become glued to the sofa lol

Wednesday 17 February 2010

2lb loss since friday

I've had to bring my weigh in day forward by a couple of days as my new leap group starts on tuesday evening next week so i thought i'd still do my morning weigh in on a wed morning (i like knowing how much i weight with out my clothing on lol)

2lb loss this week brings me to my first stone loss. To celebrate i went to Asda to buy a new jumper and ended up buying a cardi and a new top and for the first time in 12 months i've bought a size 18 and not a 20. I'm just a tad bit chuffed :0)

Tuesday 16 February 2010

12lb loss so far :0)

Yup only 2 more lb to go and i've lost a stone which is a good feeling i can tell you. I slowed down this week (only lost 1/2lb) but it's still a loss. Since i last blogged i've been back to my dr and he's put me on something called Xenical (Orlistat) which hinders the absorbsion of around 1/3 of the fat i eat. It's a motivational booster and the side effects that it can cause is making me really look at what i eat fat wise which for me is a good motivational tool. I'm pleased to say that i've only had one instance of seeing the side effects and that was on day 3 of taking them. Since then i've been very very good lol. I also have to take a Vit tablet once a day because you absorb Vit E via fat so i add more into my diet with the vit tablet. Not a bad thing really as i need to take a multi vit anyways to help boost my immune system.

Finally i've got Alex to take some photos (so this is me 12lb lighter than when i started). They are not flattering at all (the whole purpose of them is to inspire me to lose more weight)

i still have another 39lb to go to get to the weight i want to be but i'm going to take progress piccies every month from now on so the next ones will be on the 16th March. Also a week today i start the Leap group on a tuesday night which includes an exercise class but i do have something to keep me active more now anyways. Meet the stepper lol

On the knitting front i'm spending half term looking for half finished projects to either frog or finish. I'm not starting any larger projects as i can't see the point in knitting stuff in a larger size that i'm going to need in the end (yup i'm that determined). I have yarn set aside for certain projects but will wait till i've hit goal weight before embarking on them. In the meantime i'm knitting a shawl for myself to keep me warm in the winter made from babylonglegs yarn (will post piccies later) and i'm going to finish off 3 hats lol.

Friday 22 January 2010

Another lb off :0)

making the grand total of 8 lb over the last 3 weeks. I also remeasured today and they are as follows

waist = 38 1/2"
hips = 44 3/4"
Bust = 44 3/4
left upper arm = 12"
left Thigh = 25"

seems a lot but half of that could of been water retention lol

Thursday 14 January 2010


i'm knackered...............even too tired to spin and only just awake enough to knit something simple. I'm currently working from 7.15am because one of my coworkers is off sick and then at 1.30 i go over to the juniors to cash up and do their banking paperwork. i'm shattered by the time i finish.
On a good note the money will come in handy as the car is broke (well the wipers are) but i've found somewhere that does the diagnostics cheaper than the Research garage on London road :0)
It does mean i've been walking to work and tbh my foot is now killing me but i may use some of the lottie medicine later in the form of red or white ;0).

Hopefully my coworker will be back next week as will the lady from the juniors (wed onwards we think) so i can concentrate on my kitchen lol

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Weight loss this week

ok so i'm starting this group on a tuesday in February but i'm going to carry on with my friday weigh in till then and then i'll post my new weight on a tuesday on my blog :0)

So i got on the scales on friday morning and they showed my weight at 12stone 12lb which means a loss of 4lb!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO

i've still not got round to getting Alex to take a photo of me but i will get it done this week and stick it on here ready for a new photo in February. New measurements will be taken on 1st February.

On the work front this week i'm having to walk to work in case it rains because the windscreen wipers are knackered on the car. I'm ok walking there but i do get a lift home because i'm finishing in my kitchen at 1pm and going to the Juniors to work there till 2.45pm. Lucky for me i get to sit down at the juniors as i'm on the till and then do the cashing up. I'm managing to walk about 5 miles a day at the moment and, since the walking to work isn't doing too much to my foot i'll keep going even after the cars mended but possibly not every day.