Will I be Fat and 40

Thursday, 21 February 2008

I've Been Tagged

By no less than 3 different people!!! Thanks Sarah, Olivia and Nic.
Such nice comments too (at least i think they are pmsl).
Now i have to pick 10 people to tag. Well Sarah, Olivia and Nic all need tagging back which i'll do at the end (my last 3)
now in no particular order
Anna, inspires me to be creative and takes me as i come even in her house lol
Sarah M, a fantastic friend who's company i look forward to on saturdays and who's company i am missing whilst i have so many rehearsals.
Sasha she may be shorter than me but what she lacks in height she by far makes up in her lovely personality!
and i will update the rest at a later date. Including what i think to Sarah, Olivia and Nic lol

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Is it February Already??????

EEEEEEEEEEEEK that means it's less than a month till Panto!!!! i've not actually got all my words in my head yet but i'm getting there. This month is going to be very, very busy what with the show and then gangshow rehearsals on top of that too. Things will quieten down after Easter thank goodness and then i get to go away for a couple of days, knitting with my mates!!

On a knitting note i've finished knitting my booga bag and have now got to felt it. Jo has sent me some more black 4ply so i can crack on with my balaclava and i kind of broke my stash diet but only because i got a £10 ebay voucher. I bought 20 balls of this:-

It's to make Cherie Amour for me. I've had to get more balls as it's yardage is less than the stuff she used for the pattern but i think 1000g is enough!!!!!!

On the weight loss front i'm on week 5 i think and i've lost 9lb so far. I'm cycling to and from work when i can and when i'm not going to get blown off and i try to walk everywhere else if i can.

Sewing front:- i've actually made some nappies and i have 2 open days coming up so i've got to get cracking and make up more nappies for those. I'm going to go into the fabric room tomorrow night after a meeting and do an inventory of what fabics i have. Oh and i've an order for some newborn nappies which are to be delived at the end of half term (11th to 15th feb here).

Last but not least i have new footwear...................and by heck are they comfy. I've only taken them off to go to bed!
ps if there are any spelling mistakes today then forgive me as the spell checker doesn't seem to want to work