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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Meet Scales

Scales is a new addition to the family since last Saturday. She is approx 8 months old and is currently living in her new Vivarium in mine and Daves bedroom BUT she actually belongs to Georgina!

She is a Western Hognose snake and (hopefully on Thursday) eats 2 pinkies a week. We have handled her a few times for a minute or two at a time each day but won't be handling her Thurs evening through to Sunday as she'll hopefully eat Thursday night and it's best not to handle them when they've eaten for a couple of days.

she is slightly venomous but it's akin to a bee sting and if we handle her enough and nicely enough she should get used to us (touch wood) and therefore not feel scared enough to strike

ENT appointement results

ok ok i've not blogged in a while, in fact it's been bloody ages and today's blog has really been prompted by my trip to ENT.

This all started in September when i had a rather nasty viral ear infection which affected my balance and started a humming in my ears. Well it's not gone away so my Dr referred me to ENT where i went to today. There i had a hearing test and then went into see the consultant and after lots of prodding and poking in my ears and lots of wiggling of my jaw he said that my jaw hinge is in such a position that it pushes on my tubes by my ears which help them drain etc which doesn't help when i’m trying to get rid of a viral infection. Nothing they can do about that as they can’t reposition my jaw hinge!. However i do have a nasal spray to help with the swelling so that the pipework can open up a bit more than it is as these are swollen internally and therefore causing more blockages.

The major bad news is that i’m also losing my hearing in both ears and again there is nothing they can do about that. I will need hearing aids in the next 10 years but it could be in 2 or could be in 10 years. There is no way of telling how much scar tissue is going to build up over what period of time. It's a bit of a bummer when your only 38.

One good thing though. If i want to i can ignore someone and have a proven excuse pmsl