Will I be Fat and 40

Friday, 24 July 2009

The loft again

ok so now nearly everything is in order.

After all that i had a days rest and then ended up clearing out the shed yesterday with the help of Grandma. I hate spiders so hence why Grandma came to help. 2 trips to the tip later and my shed is now tidy and has less crap in it.
Next on the agenda is our bedroom which is soooooooooo messy i'm too embarrassed to take photos of it lol

Friday, 17 July 2009

The Loft...............

looked like this on wed night.....

and since then i've taken out the following
3 bin liners full of clothes for the charity shop
5 bags of fleece and terry off cuts (gone to Sarah M's now)
2 bin liners of rubbish.
you can actually see some of the floor and the table top and i'm going back up there this afternoon after a couple of hours on NWN on my new toy (which is going to be in another blog post.
This is just the beginning of operation house tidy but i have one less room to do as my girls (bless the little cherubs) gutted and cleaned the bathroom yesterday for me!