Will I be Fat and 40

Monday, 21 January 2008

Oh Fudge!!!!!

ARGH shouldn't of mentioned fudge, but i'm using that word instead of a more rude word beginning with F. And the reason for the fudge word, i want something sweet!!!!!!!
I'm back on weight watchers and have lost 5lb so far in 2 weeks but i'm craving something sweet at the moment but have nothing till my Tesco delivery arrives. Must stop myself from going to the shop and buying something completely unsuitable!!!!

To top it all off i'm going to be in an even worse mood when i get up tomorrow morning as i'm not allowed anything to eat or drink after 12 midnight tonight, which means NO COFFEE!!!!! (I'm feeling sorry for my girls already). The reason for this is i'm off for a cholestorel blood test, which is a fasting blood test. Straight to work after that so will have to figure out what i can take with me to eat for when i get out of the health centre.

On a better note i'm enjoying my food more and i'm still not drinking anything stronger than pepsi max. 5lb in 2 weeks has made me happy and i'm trying to use more energy by cycling to and from work when ever i can.

will update the knitting front when i can get my camera batteries to charge lol

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Latest Projects

Well after finishing my hex hat i'm now onto some more stashbusting stuff. I'd already cast on this booga bag
booga i'm using my noro k stash for this!!!

I've also cast on this pinwheel cardi for Bethan (cute little baby girl) and i'm using rowan dk for this but will need to adjust it a bit as the pattern says aran
pinwheel so far so good!

i'm enjoying this stashbusting lark!!!!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Finished Hex Hat

And it looks like this (please excuse the dodgy model)

Finished Hex

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Hex Hat

Well i started a new hat last night which is made up from hexagons (funny that considering the name pmsl) and so far i've made 5 of these......

Took a bit of help from Clair as i got a bit stuck on the second round but i got there after some photo help.
I'll post a finished piccie of it when i'm done but you could always check out the Hex Hat by Woolly Wormhead yourself

Friday, 11 January 2008

Long time no blog!

Well it's that time of year. The excitement of Christmas has gone and it's back to school and work for us all. Unfortunately it's also now the time of year where i feel crap which i think is due to how bloody dark it is all day every day.

On the knitting front I've completed a hat for Georgie which looks like this (excuse the fact that her eyes are shut as the flash is rather bright!)

The next stash busting project I'm doing is a booga bag in my noro

so far so good but i had to order 6 1/2 mm shafts for my knitpicks so i could do it!

I also want to do this pattern using this yarncolinette

This may all change though as it really needs to be thicker yarn and Babylonglegs has offered to dye up some of my undyed BFL for me in what ever colour i want.

However as I'm typing this she's also found this pattern on ravelry which would be ideal for me on my bike but she can still dye up my BFL pmsl!!!

Oh and before i forget I've lost 3lb in weight this week and am still dry (10 whole days so far pmsl)