Will I be Fat and 40

Friday, 22 January 2010

Another lb off :0)

making the grand total of 8 lb over the last 3 weeks. I also remeasured today and they are as follows

waist = 38 1/2"
hips = 44 3/4"
Bust = 44 3/4
left upper arm = 12"
left Thigh = 25"

seems a lot but half of that could of been water retention lol

Thursday, 14 January 2010


i'm knackered...............even too tired to spin and only just awake enough to knit something simple. I'm currently working from 7.15am because one of my coworkers is off sick and then at 1.30 i go over to the juniors to cash up and do their banking paperwork. i'm shattered by the time i finish.
On a good note the money will come in handy as the car is broke (well the wipers are) but i've found somewhere that does the diagnostics cheaper than the Research garage on London road :0)
It does mean i've been walking to work and tbh my foot is now killing me but i may use some of the lottie medicine later in the form of red or white ;0).

Hopefully my coworker will be back next week as will the lady from the juniors (wed onwards we think) so i can concentrate on my kitchen lol

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Weight loss this week

ok so i'm starting this group on a tuesday in February but i'm going to carry on with my friday weigh in till then and then i'll post my new weight on a tuesday on my blog :0)

So i got on the scales on friday morning and they showed my weight at 12stone 12lb which means a loss of 4lb!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO

i've still not got round to getting Alex to take a photo of me but i will get it done this week and stick it on here ready for a new photo in February. New measurements will be taken on 1st February.

On the work front this week i'm having to walk to work in case it rains because the windscreen wipers are knackered on the car. I'm ok walking there but i do get a lift home because i'm finishing in my kitchen at 1pm and going to the Juniors to work there till 2.45pm. Lucky for me i get to sit down at the juniors as i'm on the till and then do the cashing up. I'm managing to walk about 5 miles a day at the moment and, since the walking to work isn't doing too much to my foot i'll keep going even after the cars mended but possibly not every day.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I've had a letter back from the Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetic Service and they will be running an evening group session on a tuesday night (called Leap) as from 23rd feb (and it's in walking distance of my house). These sessions include the weigh in, then an hours talk and then an hours exercise :0) and it's free!!!!!!I'm also going to see a dietitian separately about managing my lactose intolerance :0).

I'm also just finished my 3rd day at work (but only my 2nd day cooking) and did find it hard today not to taste my ginger biscuits and bread and butter pudding. Thing is it doesn't look right if i take a bite, chew and the spit it out pmsl. Tomorrow is chocolate haystacks (YUMMY) and i'm going to find that sooooooooooooooo hard not eat one lol.

I did have to cancel cubs tonight because the roads and pavements are sooooooooo icy so i decided it wasn't a good idea! I do need to send round lots of messages as it's our coffee morning on saturday at church.

thats all for today as i'm going to have a glass of wine (and yes it's in my daily food allowance)and knit for a bit

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Day 3

Well just a little update. I'm getting on ok so far. No major cravings but i've struggled to eat all the stuff i'm supposed to.

Listing what i'm eating on http://www.sparkpeople.com and that means you list all the carbs, sugar, protien and calories etc and it gives you a guide like of how much of each you need to eat a day.

back soon with a photo

Friday, 1 January 2010

It's Crunch Time

184lb (83.5kg) and i'm only 5 ft 2" and that gives me a BMI of 34 which as we all know is not good at all. My measurements are as follows
Bust = 47"
Hips = 47"
Waist= 40 6/8"
left upper arm = 13 2/8"
Left Thigh = 25"

these measurements show just how big i am now and i'm really not happy with my size.

And whats my goal you may all ask well that's simple it's to weigh less than 184lb lol. Seriously though it's to weigh no more than 156lb by 28th August 2010. It's doable. 28lb in 34 weeks which is less than 1lb a week.

I'll be back later with the photo and then i'll delete this line of text lol