Will I be Fat and 40

Thursday, 14 January 2010


i'm knackered...............even too tired to spin and only just awake enough to knit something simple. I'm currently working from 7.15am because one of my coworkers is off sick and then at 1.30 i go over to the juniors to cash up and do their banking paperwork. i'm shattered by the time i finish.
On a good note the money will come in handy as the car is broke (well the wipers are) but i've found somewhere that does the diagnostics cheaper than the Research garage on London road :0)
It does mean i've been walking to work and tbh my foot is now killing me but i may use some of the lottie medicine later in the form of red or white ;0).

Hopefully my coworker will be back next week as will the lady from the juniors (wed onwards we think) so i can concentrate on my kitchen lol

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