Will I be Fat and 40

Friday, 16 January 2009


These all belong to Alex and they are Stick Insects. Like snakes they have to shed their skins as they grow and when we first had them (i got them at the same time as we got Scales) they were less than an inch long. Now they are coming on for 2" long each and there are 4 of them in total. Soon they will be old enough to breed so we'll have lots of babies to give away hopefully lol.

Scales 'n' Georgie

At long last i have some piccies of Georgie holding Scales. Scales actually belongs to Georgie and not me but most of the time you wouldn't think that lol. Scales is very very fast so she made Georgie nervous to start with but she's getting to 'grips' with her now lol. Funny really since she's happy to have a huge Boa round her shoulders lol.

I think this is a really good photo of Georgie and Scales. My baby is beautiful (well i think so anyways) .

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Welcome to 2009

Happy New Year to all my friends.

Now i'm not going to start this years blog with a list of resolutions as i don't do resolutions but i am going to start with a list of what i'd like to try to achieve this coming year. I'm going to try NOT to set myself goals that i can't even possibly achieve but feel free to tell me if you think i'm fooling myself on what i think i could do this year.

1) Lose 49lb. Ok so i'd like to lose this by may as we are going to Cyprus but that's only 2o weeks away so i'd be happy to of lost half of that 24lb is a more realistic goal i think for may but would still see me at a healthier bmi than i am now. My BMI is currently 33 EEK.

2) To be tidier. You can stop laughing Sarah and Olivia!!!!! Now i've been saying the same thing for years, that i want to gut my house from top to bottom and declutter. But the difference this year is i've no overlocker in the dining room and haven't got cupboards full of fabric so it could happen. But i'm not saying "i want to gut my house" i'm saying i want to be more tidy. Means i need to learn to put things away and allocate things a home!

3) To spin or knit for an hour at least 4 times a week. I tend to forget me time and i do tend to overextend myself too. I need to finish a few projects before starting new ones too.

4) Not to over extend myself. Say no more often which i'm slowly beginning to do.

5) To get rid of this sodding cold lol

there you go. not too hard really and all are doable :0)

I'm looking forward to this year. We have a holiday in Cyprus to look forward to and 2 cub camps. Woolfest and a 7 week summer holiday :0)