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Monday, 25 August 2008


Well August has been a month of either starting and finishing socks or finishing a pair that I've had on the go for nearly 12 months. Lets start with my Embossed Leaves Socks. Now i got the book last year in September (a birthday present from my mother and step dad which took a week or two longer to arrive than expected). The book is called Favorite Socks (just click on the link. The yarn i used was given to me by KraftyKoala and dyed especially for me as a one off treat as i was having one of my "moments". So i cast it on and knitted up the first sock, not a problem till second sock syndrome hit and i just couldn't face knitting it. Anyways to cut a long story short i finally picked it back up nearly 11 months later and finished it at the beginning of this month so the finished product looks like this.
Embossed Leaves socks
Next i embarked on a pair of socks for Georgie. Her first pair of hand knitted socks that she chose the yarn for at the Hobbycraft thingie at the NEC. As they are small and just knit stitch then i managed to get them done at a super speed and she loves them. They are made from Regia 4py and they are now called Griffindor Socks.
griffindor socks
Next i decided to ignore my "Lotties Desire" which is hidden away from sight and used up some of my sock yarn stash in the drawer upstairs. So using a pattern from a supplement i received with Knit Today in the spring i set about making the Check Mate socks using Opal 6ply tiger yarn. I've shortened the cuff on the socks as i hate long cuffs unless they are over the knee socks to be honest. Well again I've managed to knit these up rather quickly and they look like this.
check mate
And now to the last pair I've been knitting this month, and no I've not finished them YET! We still have another 6 days left in August so you never know lol. However, i do go back to work tomorrow. I'm using Stashed sock yarn again. This time it's Lorna's Laces in Black Pearl colourway. I bought this around 12 months ago from Get Knitted. The Pattern I'm using is called Nutkin and it's knitting up lovely. it's such an easy pattern that even Miffy could follow. But on the second sock I'm going to play with the heel as I'm not happy with a tiny bit of it lol. anyways so far it look like this

it's coming along nicely but i may cast on a pair of boot socks for Alex to try to get ready for district cub camp in September. I've also still got Vlora on the go and a dishcloth made from Peaches and cream that i get from Create and Knit. So far my stash of peaches and cream is growing quicker than i can actually knit it up so I'm going to start getting down to it and knitting up the washcloths for Christmas treats.

Wonder what September is going to bring. I'm still saving for my Lendrum which I'm hoping to afford by Christmas or, at the very latest, after Christmas. I'm doing well with Jess (my lovely borrowed ashford trad which babylonglegs youngest dh named for me lol). One thing is for certain I'll be back into even numbers for my age!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Green Metropolis and a couple of other bits

Thanks you to Sarah who showed me a link to a website where you can sell your books and buy books second hand at a reasonable price. The site is called Green Metropolis and click on the name to go straight to it!

on another note i've ordered a new memory card for the camera and just have to pray and hope that i read the compatibility chart right and it will work. Then i can take a piccie of Georgies Cardi and her first hand knitted sock too and of my sideways KAL hat. So fingers crossed folks

Friday, 1 August 2008

July is over

OMG doesn't time fly when your having fun. And yes i have been having fun! We went to Burnham on Sea for a weeks holiday and it was fantastic. We went to Cheddar Gorge and Wookey Hole and lots of other places too. I did have to stop myself from buying a Kaftan though !!!!! Thanks for the text Tilly!!!!

Unfortunately our camera is buggered so there are no piccies this year of our hols and i can't add many onto my blog at the moment until i can get the damn thing to work.

On the knitting front I've finished Georgie's cardi and it looks great. I've also got my second embossed leaves sock back out to finish before i can start knitting something with this:-
Fab isn't it! Tis a custom order from fyberspates that Cath at Create and Knit ordered for me and then called Lottie's Desire. Sarah likes it so much she's having some too but not to knit socks with lol. It's in my 3 fav colours and the purple is divine!!

Talking of Sarah, my PIL's took the girls to the space center yesterday so i had a day off lol. So off i went to Sarah's with Jessica (named by Joel) and some fibres and had a day spinning and knitting. It was so nice to sit and chat and spin or knit and just generally relax.

I've also been on a Leaders camp (last weekend) and had a fantastic time. I met leaders from other groups and even got 3/4 of the way up the climbing tower before hyperventilating and having to be slowly let down. Next year i'm determined to do it all as i never used to be scared of heights. We did lots of things like shooting and archery and then training things like paperwork etc but it was so much fun. Great to have a camp with out the kids which meant we could bring beer!!!! I was my usual quiet self after several beers pmsl. The down side to the weekend was my lovely bites on my legs. Those of you who know me know that i tend to react badly to bites and this time was no exception, so when i got home Sunday i went to the out of hours Dr's for AB's and they are still quite painful and itchy.

Georgie is looking forward to me finishing her second sock (which i've cast on already) which is sooooooooo bright

suits her personality :0)
August is going to be busy too with me and the girls leaving my hubby for a week to go for our annual holiday to my sisters. We are off to legoland one day and the science museum another. Seems very odd having all this time off over the holidays but I'm loving it (most of the time).
Have fun folks!!!!!