Will I be Fat and 40

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Hello 2010 (well nearly)

Well then folks i know i'm a very lax blogger, no excuse really but hey i'm a busy lady (on facebook pmsl). Well it's that time of year again and tomorrow is New Years Eve. We're staying in again with our friends and their kids tomorrow night and will watch Jules Holland again and sup a bit of wine :0) a nice relaxing evening and we don't have to worry about getting home in the cold and wet at the end of the night.

Now i've already started on my "wants" for 2010. I've written a christmas knitting list that i'll start on in January but that's not my main want next year. I'm currently around 4 stone over weight for my height. I have a BMI of 34 and my cholesterol 2 years ago was 5.5. I'll be 40 on 31st August 2010 and i really don't want to be 13 stone and 40. So today i went to see my Dr, ok i need to see him anyway to be signed back to work but hey may as well talk to him about my weight whilst i was there lol. He's referring me to a dietitian to help me sort out my diet along with my lactose intolerance.

So what i've decided is that on New Years Day i will get up in the morning and weigh myself. Then i will get dressed and Dave is going to take a photo of me and i'm going to start blogging my progress. Ok so i'm not going to blog what i eat every day (i'm going to log that on sparkpeople) but i am going to blog my feelings as i try to eat a healthy diet and lose some of these excess lb's.

On a knitting note i gained a book for christmas called "2 at a time socks" from my mum and pops :0)

Off i went hunting round the house for my 100mm cable (finally found my 120mm cable) and my 3.5mm tips in order to start on the test sock which looked like this this morning....

Well i finished them earlier today and will donate them to someone with a toddler (livi there is some pink in them so poss not a good idea for Jude lol). I'll take piccies of the finished article tomorrow as well as a photo of my Olivia High Twist Socks.

Here is hoping that 2010 will bring me a slim year in terms of fat lol and that everyone has a Happy and Healthy 2010

Sunday, 18 October 2009


Just a little post this time about friends.

Now because I've had my op I'm going to be off my feet for some time yesterday i asked Kerry (picklesmum on rav and on mumsonline) to come and sit with me for a bit as I'd had a General A on Friday and Dave had gone to football taking Alex with him (i told him to still go as that way i wouldn't have to listen to my girls argue all day lol).

Kerry came round and sat with me, well i say sat, in reality she didn't sit that much as she washed up, wiped my cooker top and my grill pan, made me lots of cups of tea and a much appreciated fish finger sandwich. However we did manage to sit and knit a few rows/rounds and had a jolly good chat.

Then there was Olivia.
Now for those of you who don't know me that well I'm lactose intolerant and therefore drink lactofree milk in my tea and on my cereals. So me being so organised would have lots in ready since they don't' sell it in the corner shop and i can no longer "nip" to tesco or asda to get some. Well yes your right, I'm not organised, never will be that organised as it's just not me lol. Now Olivia had already text me asking if i needed anything so i asked her to get me some senokot liquid from town (ready to combat a side effect of one of my painkillers). Luckily for me (but unlucky for her DS1) Olivia has lactofree milk at home too so i text and with in 10 min's she was round with a carton for me so i could again enjoy lots of cups of tea. She'd also offered to come and pick me up at the hospital if they had kept me in over night bless her when i know her kidlets were a bit stressed.

Then there is Sarah, who has dyed me up some scrummy yarn ready for me to collect on Thursday. It's in her 'Olivia' colour way in a high twist yarn and I'm sooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to squishing it on Thursday.

My MIL also popped round yesterday to make sure i had everything i needed bless her. She's such a lovely person and she's also got a poorly DH at the moment so i wasn't expecting her to pop round at all. My Mum also came to pick Georgie up and take her to her riding lesson for me and has offered to do the same for me next week and take me for my plaster appointment in 2 weeks time.

What I'm trying to say is that i didn't realise just how many friends i had until Friday/Saturday. I've had so many offers of help and texts asking how i am and what can they do for me that it's floored me a bit. Yesterday my phone went off that many times with text message that i had to change the alert to a click because i never got to finish a sentence with Kerry lol.

So my main reason for this post today is to say


My Left Foot

Well it's 5.04am on an October Sunday morning and i can't sleep because I'm in pain so i thought I'd catch up on my blog for a change lol. I'm off my feet for a while as I've had my bunion removed from my left foot and my toe joint realigned at the same time. Now my lovely bunion hasn't been caused by wearing ill fitting shoes or high heels, in fact i wear heels about as often as i wear a frock!!!! No, these bunions have been handed down to me in my genes via my mother. THANKS MUM!!!!!!

this is what it looked like before i went in on Friday to have it done (ignore the hairy toe lol)

and this is what I've come home with it looking like

under the bandage is some plaster and a hell of a lot of pain (hence why I'm awake at this time)

Last night i managed the grand total of 2 hours kip so today I'm going to ring the out of hours Dr to see if they can give me any better painkillers as all i have at the moment is 500mg Paracetamol, 400mg of Ibuprofen and 30mg of Codeine and even if i take 2 together it's not even touching the pain.

My toes on show are just starting to go purple now lol (good job i like purple).

I can cope with most things and generally have a good pain threshold but I'm struggling with this. I think it's the lack of sleep thing. I can cope so much better with sleep.

However, for all my moaning about pain etc I'd still have this done as the pain from my bunion was horrid too and it was stopping me from enjoying the things i normally enjoy like camping and walking. Wearing hiking boots on camp and for walking were just so painful. I'm also on my feet for most of the day so by the end of it, even though i wear crocs all the time, the damn thing hurt. It was when it started waking me in the night as it was aching that i decided to get it done.

One good thing to come out of yesterday though is this :-

i started this ages ago (when i went to get my spinning wheel from the Threshing Barn) but like a lot of my projects it was hidden away in a project bag waiting to be picked up again. In fact I'm taking the opportunity of this enforced rest to finish a few of my WIP's before starting anything new!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Flippin Heck!!

it's taken me ages to actually get over the annoyance of having to figure out how to sign back into my blog. TBH i'm a crap blogger but only because i can never get the bloody photos to sit nicely ect but if i blogged more often i may find out how to do them propper like lol.

Friday, 24 July 2009

The loft again

ok so now nearly everything is in order.

After all that i had a days rest and then ended up clearing out the shed yesterday with the help of Grandma. I hate spiders so hence why Grandma came to help. 2 trips to the tip later and my shed is now tidy and has less crap in it.
Next on the agenda is our bedroom which is soooooooooo messy i'm too embarrassed to take photos of it lol

Friday, 17 July 2009

The Loft...............

looked like this on wed night.....

and since then i've taken out the following
3 bin liners full of clothes for the charity shop
5 bags of fleece and terry off cuts (gone to Sarah M's now)
2 bin liners of rubbish.
you can actually see some of the floor and the table top and i'm going back up there this afternoon after a couple of hours on NWN on my new toy (which is going to be in another blog post.
This is just the beginning of operation house tidy but i have one less room to do as my girls (bless the little cherubs) gutted and cleaned the bathroom yesterday for me!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Oops.......not blogged since April part 1

OMG it's been so long since i've blogged and i've been to 2 weddings and 2 cub camps since then pmsl. This will have to be a pictureless blog today as my i used my mums camera for my sisters and my bil's wedding and Cub camp number 2

Lets start with my sisters wedding. My sister , Nichola Hazel Katherine Clark, married a Mr Toby Kinton on 18th April 2009 at Peterhead Registery Office. Thanks to Toby, who treated me to the air fare, i flew up on the 17th to spend the night before the wedding with my sister. The wedding it'sself was lovely and i got to meet some really nice people :0. I flew home on the sunday evening after being taken out to lunch by my father with my sister and BIL. I did have a long wait at the airport for my flight home but i spent that time reading and relaxing which was great!

After the wedding came District Cub and Scout camp. This was held over 3 days and was a very very busy camp with lots of activities for all the kids including a "Hinckley's got Talent Contest" which both my girls entered. The final was on the saturday night and i'm very proud to say that Georgina came 2nd in the cubs section and Alex came first in the Scout section and was overall winner.

right that will have to do for now as i've got to sort my cherubs out to go to school

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


no not blocking knitting but blocking in a fireplace in my kitchen. This morning i had this in my
kitchen . It takes up rather a lot of room and all that happens is dirt falls down it onto the floor

But as Luck would have it i have a friend who is also a brickie so he's been round today and done all this.

just got to wait for it all to dry then he's going to put a skim coat on it and then i can strip the rest of the kitchen walls and get decorating. Tis only been 4 years since we put most of the kitchen in!

Friday, 16 January 2009


These all belong to Alex and they are Stick Insects. Like snakes they have to shed their skins as they grow and when we first had them (i got them at the same time as we got Scales) they were less than an inch long. Now they are coming on for 2" long each and there are 4 of them in total. Soon they will be old enough to breed so we'll have lots of babies to give away hopefully lol.

Scales 'n' Georgie

At long last i have some piccies of Georgie holding Scales. Scales actually belongs to Georgie and not me but most of the time you wouldn't think that lol. Scales is very very fast so she made Georgie nervous to start with but she's getting to 'grips' with her now lol. Funny really since she's happy to have a huge Boa round her shoulders lol.

I think this is a really good photo of Georgie and Scales. My baby is beautiful (well i think so anyways) .

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Welcome to 2009

Happy New Year to all my friends.

Now i'm not going to start this years blog with a list of resolutions as i don't do resolutions but i am going to start with a list of what i'd like to try to achieve this coming year. I'm going to try NOT to set myself goals that i can't even possibly achieve but feel free to tell me if you think i'm fooling myself on what i think i could do this year.

1) Lose 49lb. Ok so i'd like to lose this by may as we are going to Cyprus but that's only 2o weeks away so i'd be happy to of lost half of that 24lb is a more realistic goal i think for may but would still see me at a healthier bmi than i am now. My BMI is currently 33 EEK.

2) To be tidier. You can stop laughing Sarah and Olivia!!!!! Now i've been saying the same thing for years, that i want to gut my house from top to bottom and declutter. But the difference this year is i've no overlocker in the dining room and haven't got cupboards full of fabric so it could happen. But i'm not saying "i want to gut my house" i'm saying i want to be more tidy. Means i need to learn to put things away and allocate things a home!

3) To spin or knit for an hour at least 4 times a week. I tend to forget me time and i do tend to overextend myself too. I need to finish a few projects before starting new ones too.

4) Not to over extend myself. Say no more often which i'm slowly beginning to do.

5) To get rid of this sodding cold lol

there you go. not too hard really and all are doable :0)

I'm looking forward to this year. We have a holiday in Cyprus to look forward to and 2 cub camps. Woolfest and a 7 week summer holiday :0)