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Sunday, 18 October 2009

My Left Foot

Well it's 5.04am on an October Sunday morning and i can't sleep because I'm in pain so i thought I'd catch up on my blog for a change lol. I'm off my feet for a while as I've had my bunion removed from my left foot and my toe joint realigned at the same time. Now my lovely bunion hasn't been caused by wearing ill fitting shoes or high heels, in fact i wear heels about as often as i wear a frock!!!! No, these bunions have been handed down to me in my genes via my mother. THANKS MUM!!!!!!

this is what it looked like before i went in on Friday to have it done (ignore the hairy toe lol)

and this is what I've come home with it looking like

under the bandage is some plaster and a hell of a lot of pain (hence why I'm awake at this time)

Last night i managed the grand total of 2 hours kip so today I'm going to ring the out of hours Dr to see if they can give me any better painkillers as all i have at the moment is 500mg Paracetamol, 400mg of Ibuprofen and 30mg of Codeine and even if i take 2 together it's not even touching the pain.

My toes on show are just starting to go purple now lol (good job i like purple).

I can cope with most things and generally have a good pain threshold but I'm struggling with this. I think it's the lack of sleep thing. I can cope so much better with sleep.

However, for all my moaning about pain etc I'd still have this done as the pain from my bunion was horrid too and it was stopping me from enjoying the things i normally enjoy like camping and walking. Wearing hiking boots on camp and for walking were just so painful. I'm also on my feet for most of the day so by the end of it, even though i wear crocs all the time, the damn thing hurt. It was when it started waking me in the night as it was aching that i decided to get it done.

One good thing to come out of yesterday though is this :-

i started this ages ago (when i went to get my spinning wheel from the Threshing Barn) but like a lot of my projects it was hidden away in a project bag waiting to be picked up again. In fact I'm taking the opportunity of this enforced rest to finish a few of my WIP's before starting anything new!

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