Will I be Fat and 40

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Hello 2010 (well nearly)

Well then folks i know i'm a very lax blogger, no excuse really but hey i'm a busy lady (on facebook pmsl). Well it's that time of year again and tomorrow is New Years Eve. We're staying in again with our friends and their kids tomorrow night and will watch Jules Holland again and sup a bit of wine :0) a nice relaxing evening and we don't have to worry about getting home in the cold and wet at the end of the night.

Now i've already started on my "wants" for 2010. I've written a christmas knitting list that i'll start on in January but that's not my main want next year. I'm currently around 4 stone over weight for my height. I have a BMI of 34 and my cholesterol 2 years ago was 5.5. I'll be 40 on 31st August 2010 and i really don't want to be 13 stone and 40. So today i went to see my Dr, ok i need to see him anyway to be signed back to work but hey may as well talk to him about my weight whilst i was there lol. He's referring me to a dietitian to help me sort out my diet along with my lactose intolerance.

So what i've decided is that on New Years Day i will get up in the morning and weigh myself. Then i will get dressed and Dave is going to take a photo of me and i'm going to start blogging my progress. Ok so i'm not going to blog what i eat every day (i'm going to log that on sparkpeople) but i am going to blog my feelings as i try to eat a healthy diet and lose some of these excess lb's.

On a knitting note i gained a book for christmas called "2 at a time socks" from my mum and pops :0)

Off i went hunting round the house for my 100mm cable (finally found my 120mm cable) and my 3.5mm tips in order to start on the test sock which looked like this this morning....

Well i finished them earlier today and will donate them to someone with a toddler (livi there is some pink in them so poss not a good idea for Jude lol). I'll take piccies of the finished article tomorrow as well as a photo of my Olivia High Twist Socks.

Here is hoping that 2010 will bring me a slim year in terms of fat lol and that everyone has a Happy and Healthy 2010

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