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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Oops.......not blogged since April part 1

OMG it's been so long since i've blogged and i've been to 2 weddings and 2 cub camps since then pmsl. This will have to be a pictureless blog today as my i used my mums camera for my sisters and my bil's wedding and Cub camp number 2

Lets start with my sisters wedding. My sister , Nichola Hazel Katherine Clark, married a Mr Toby Kinton on 18th April 2009 at Peterhead Registery Office. Thanks to Toby, who treated me to the air fare, i flew up on the 17th to spend the night before the wedding with my sister. The wedding it'sself was lovely and i got to meet some really nice people :0. I flew home on the sunday evening after being taken out to lunch by my father with my sister and BIL. I did have a long wait at the airport for my flight home but i spent that time reading and relaxing which was great!

After the wedding came District Cub and Scout camp. This was held over 3 days and was a very very busy camp with lots of activities for all the kids including a "Hinckley's got Talent Contest" which both my girls entered. The final was on the saturday night and i'm very proud to say that Georgina came 2nd in the cubs section and Alex came first in the Scout section and was overall winner.

right that will have to do for now as i've got to sort my cherubs out to go to school

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Sarah said...

What a talented pair of girls you have! Well done A and G!