Will I be Fat and 40

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


no not blocking knitting but blocking in a fireplace in my kitchen. This morning i had this in my
kitchen . It takes up rather a lot of room and all that happens is dirt falls down it onto the floor

But as Luck would have it i have a friend who is also a brickie so he's been round today and done all this.

just got to wait for it all to dry then he's going to put a skim coat on it and then i can strip the rest of the kitchen walls and get decorating. Tis only been 4 years since we put most of the kitchen in!


Miffy said...

Looking brill! I'll have to come see it IRL

Sasha said...

I never knew it was there. Loads more space now for you.


Sarah said...

It looks so different!
Looking forward to seeing it IRL