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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Meet Scales

Scales is a new addition to the family since last Saturday. She is approx 8 months old and is currently living in her new Vivarium in mine and Daves bedroom BUT she actually belongs to Georgina!

She is a Western Hognose snake and (hopefully on Thursday) eats 2 pinkies a week. We have handled her a few times for a minute or two at a time each day but won't be handling her Thurs evening through to Sunday as she'll hopefully eat Thursday night and it's best not to handle them when they've eaten for a couple of days.

she is slightly venomous but it's akin to a bee sting and if we handle her enough and nicely enough she should get used to us (touch wood) and therefore not feel scared enough to strike

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Saira said...

I love scales, shes so tiny! All of ours seem huge compared to her. You'll have to do update photos as she gets bigger.