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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Busy Busy Busy..............

ok so i've been a bit lax in my blogging of late. I do have an excuse and that is i've been really really really busy. What with panto at the end of feb and gangshow rehearsals, lent groups and normal bible study groups i've not been home much at all.

Panto went really well and i think most people enjoyed it as they keep stopping me in the playground at school and in church saying "i didn't know you could sing, we really enjoyed it" Very hard work but i remember most of my lines in the end!

Gangshow rehearsals are still going but it's been cut to just 3 nights now. One of the reasons for poor ticket sales could be due to the price. They are £9 each with no concessions for kids or oaps and people just can't afford it. I'm not enjoying it really which is a shame but couldn't drop out as i have made a commitment so therefore can't.

Knitting wise all i've had time for is dishcloths which i've not taken piccies off yet but will soon. I've just started Clapotis using yarn dyed for me by babylonglegs.

As for the girls they are both doing fine. Georgie has the cute thing going on at the moment due to the loss of 2 teeth (well i think she looks cute!)

well that's it for now but i will add more laters as i keep knitting and doing other bits and bobs

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