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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Not blogged for a while i know

but there has been a reason. I've had gangshow rehearsals and then the actual show. That actually went ok which really surprised me to be honest. Mind you i opened this weeks Hinckley Times ,whilst sitting in piggies hollow eating a salad, and was ok will i got to the entertainment pages and nearly spat my ham across my table. There is something rather hideous about seeing myself in print wearing a huge white tent type garment and being hit by a spotlight!!

During the same week as Gangshow i also had 2 nappy open days which were organised by LCC. And what a waste of space they were. The one on the Thursday at Loughborough Town hall was abysmal. No one knew we were in there and the advertisement had been poor to say the least. Brock's Hill was slightly better on the Sunday but not much. At least i managed to finish off a load of quick dry hybrids for Angeltots, which Sarah added to her site yesterday at 2pm and sold out in around 5 or 6 hours. Makes me realise just how much people want my nappies!!!

This past week has been fab. We went over to Sarahs on Monday for a get together which i really enjoyed. Miffy made some delicious cakes which i really shouldn't of eaten but i did lol.

On the knitting front i picked up this last wed

i tried to have a play with some fibre yesterday but need to practice my treadling a bit more first before i have another go. Once i've got it then i'll see if i can get Sarah to dye me some fibres specially for me.

Talking of Sarah . How much of a star is she. She has been dying yarn this week and has made a new colour way.

and this is the blurb she has put with it which i have to admit bought a tear to my eye.

" This colourway was inspired by one of my best friends :) The depth of colour represents her generous nature and her love of purple. Its called "LottieRu"

on that note i'm going to sign off and knit more of G's cardi which looks like this but in variegated pink (of course it has to be pink!)

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Cinders said...

hi lottie,
How nice having a yarn named after you. What a sweet freind you've got. The spinning wheel looks good. I want one!