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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Race For Life

I've entered myself for the Race For Life which will be at Coombe Abbey on 9th July 2008.
As i've put on my fundraiser page i've been touched by cancer in my life several times. The first was the loss of my beloved Grandpa when i was 13 to Hodgkins Lymphoma. I lost my Taid (welsh granddad) to prostrate cancer when Alex was 1 and my friend Jane has had bowel cancer. I want to do this to help make it possible for people like my friend Jane to still be here and not be like my grandparents!

I did set a low fundraising target but i seem to of gone past that in my first day so let hope i can get many many more sponsors!!

If you can and would like to please sponsor me via the widget on the side of my blog or you can just let me know what you would like to sponsor me and i'll write it on my paper sponsor sheet. It doesn't matter if you can only afford 50p it all adds up in the end

thank you for sponsoring me
love and hugs

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Cinders said...

Hi Lottie, Good look with the race. I've just left you a donation. My Mum has been fighting cancer for 4 years and is on her 3rd lot of chemo.