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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Found My Spinning Mojo (thanks for my fwend

I went to Sarah's today and I've done this

this is me spinning, after many hideous breakages at home Sarah has shown me how to spin without breaking and therefore making a continuous strand. What you can't see is my lace weight yarn which i started spinning. I had problems to start with doing anything with bulk in it but got there in the end.

Two bobbins later and I'm now on Sarah's Louet and I'm plying for the first time ever. I still have a tendency to over spin now and again but it's going well at this point!
And the result is this:-
My very own very first plyed homespun yarn and god do i feel so fucking proud of myself!


litlemouse said...

Looking good Lottie!

SarahM said...

You go girl!