Will I be Fat and 40

Sunday, 25 May 2008


Well so far it's been a cracking weekend. Friday night i went to Rafters in Barwell to watch Babylonglegs dh's band play. It was a fantastic night and i had one to many pints of the black stuff me thinks. but the ultimate has to be..................

Saturday, It was a very very nerve racking day. For those of you who don't know i follow Hull City AFC as it's where my gramps came from etc. Yesterday was the play off finals for the Championship division and i was cacking myself for most of the day. Hull City AFC have never been in the top division in their entire history. I felt sick for most of the morning. Ended up digging the garden (oops but more about that later) till 2.15pm before going off down to the pub to watch Hull City V Bristol City.

Well i have no nails left on my let hand but did get a few texts from the landlord of the Weavers Arms (who was on holiday in Spain till last night) including one instructing the barman to buy me a pint. With the final score of Bristol City 0 Hull City 1 I was a tad bit excited and kind of screaming and crying at the same time.

We came home and i calmed down by watching a DVD (i am legend which was OK but the ending was a bit hurried i thought) but still felt sick after being so nervous all day.

Went to bed but for some odd reason couldn't sleep till 4am and then woke with hideous back ache which is my own fault (see digging garden bit) as I'm currently waiting to see a physio as I've got a trapped sciatic nerve. Sometimes i can be a great big twat!!!

Needless to say I've not made it to church today but i am hobbling round with a huge grin on my face and I'm a very very very happy bunny.

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