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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Job Update

I started a new job a week last monday.

Now i've been a school food assistant since October 2007 after working for Morrisons for 3 years (which i hated). When i first tried to get out of Morrisons i applied for a Cook Supervisors Job at Westfield Infant school but didn't get it. I stuck it out at Morrisons and was all set to stay when the School Food Area Manager rang me to see if i wanted an assistants job which i jumped at. I've loved my year there but always want to better myself so when i knew the job at the infants was up for grabs again i grabbed at it AND GOT IT!!!

So i started on the 8th december just in time to cook 255 christmas dinners on the 16th lol. I'm really enjoying it so far lol. Mind you i've just broken up for Christmas now so no work for me until 5th January 2009!

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