Will I be Fat and 40

Friday, 26 February 2010

No weightloss this week

but i'm not worried. I drank a vat of wine with Dave at the weekend so didn't really expect to lose. However i did start my leap group on tuesday and i've got a good feeling about it :0)

There were lots of lovely people there and we met the lady who's organising our fitness hour. Starting with Circuits next week but they are tailored to your ability. I've told her i can't do full jacks and it's nothing to do with my ability to do them but rather the lack of ability of my pelvic floor!!!

I've been a good girl so far since then and am making a note of what i eat but think i may need to update my calorie counting book. I'm still struggling with the 3 portions of dairy they are telling me i have to eat but i'm trying!

We also set out weekly goal which for me was to use my stepper for 20 mins every other day and so far i've managed to keep to it (infact i went over it on wed by 5 mins). The reward i've set myself is £5 into a kitty for new clothes. By the end of the 12 week course i may have £60 if i've been a good girl and stuck to my goals. Which reminds me i must go and do my stepper before I become glued to the sofa lol

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