Will I be Fat and 40

Thursday, 1 November 2007


is all i can say about the concert i've just been to. I've just got back from a gig at DeMont. Twas a christian rock concert with a band called Delirious? http://www.delirious.co.uk/ is their website. Went with some people from my church including my minister.

My head is still buzzing so i've sat down with a glass of wine and i'm going to relax till around 12.30am and then go to bed.

guess i've added another album to my christmas list.


SarahM said...

Rock on hun!

BabyLongLegs said...

Okay sweetie, your into PIF.... WOOHOO
Just add a blog post, like I have, and a button linking back to me...so you can interest people in doing it
I'll email you with some questions for your gift :)

Sarah xXx

Nickerjac said...

I love delirious , have seen them play several times and they are never a disappointment