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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Happy Days are Here Again

well it's over a week since i blogged last and what a week it's been.

Tuesday saw my last shift at Morrison's. Everyone was fab and none of my work mates wanted me to leave. In fact the only one who we think was happy was B as she hates me because i won't let her bully me. I came home with fluffy pig slippers, fluffy socks, Guinness, a knitting mag and some green and blacks choccie!! Bless them they were really sweet to me.

So then i had the rest of the week off with my girlie's who were on half term with visits from Sarah M, Sasha and Livi with kids in tow on the wed. I like these meet ups as i love having my friends round me.

Saturday was spent helping at mini market at church and then off to Tesco's with Georgie.. We went to the Rioch Arena Tesco's and it took me over 2 hours to do a £60 shop. It is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 28th was an important day for me. It was the day i was confirmed and became a member at my church. A very emotional service for me but having Olivia there made it perfect. On Sunday evening the Rev Julie rang me to wish me luck in my new job which i started on Monday. I found that very moving and i started properly at school in the kitchen yesterday. I've worked 2 days now and it's great. Such a small group of people and everyone is so friendly.

I did go into Morrison's last night to take my uniform back and have a leaving interview. This basically was an opportunity for me to put in writing exactly what my department manager has been like for the past 10 months and what i think is wrong within the department. OK so it probably won't make any difference what so ever but if more than one person has the same problems as me then it's already there in black and white on the system. It still gets to me that i lost a friend somewhere around February time when she basically lost the plot with reality and the ability to manage anything. I've been very fortunate that lots of people have prayed for me, to help me through the stress I've had with her but I've actually found myself praying for her, that she can find what she needs within herself to become the calm, rational and genuinely lovely person she used to be rather than the whinging, coniving, lying, nasty little bitch she has become.

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