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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Christmas Knits

Well i wasn't going to post any of my christmas knits on here in case my sister and mother saw them and therefore would know whats going to be in their christmas box from me. Then i realised that i wasn't really going to give them a link to my blog as i don't think they'd be that interested anyways lol. So here is my current wip for my sisters christmas present. It's a cabled scarf pattern from Knit Today worked in a lurverly cotton yarn. It's my first attempt at cable (i have since done a hat for Miffy) and still has a few rows to go.
Today i have an interview at 11am which i was all prepared for until AJ woke with a headache and tummy pain. After a mad panic I've managed to get the wonderful grandad to have her whilst i go to my interview as I've already had to cancel it once as i had this stupid bug last thursday (see BUM post).
Touch wood everything will run smoothly and when i get home i can do some more knitting before my sanctuary church group tonight. And hopefully AJ will feel better once her calpol has kicked in.

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Mary Anne said...

Beautiful scarf design and the colour is yummy.