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Saturday, 6 October 2007

It's The Weekend and i'm normally at work

but, due to my foot opp i find myself not having to go and do a 9 hour shift today or tomorrow. I'm enjoying all this inforced time off work even if my foot is still sore.

Anyways this is my 4th weekend off as 14th to 16th sept was Cubcamp and then i had my opp on the 17th. But this weekend i could actually do something other than lay on the sofa with my foot up.

The morning started with getting up around 9ish and then taking Geo to Clarks to get some new school shoes. £54 later (1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of trainers) we went to church coffee morning and then came home. Since then i've managed to do something to my cd shelves which had warped. Amazing what you can do with a couple of tacks and some string. Tomorrow i'm off to church as per normal for when i'm on my sunday off which makes me hate working sundays with even more passion now. I like church in the morning and then spending time at home with everyone in the afternoon.

i've spent the rest of my time looking on ravelry and on the other forums i lurk on. I'm not used to all this spare time. I get to knit and stuff but it will all change once i'm back at work! Not sure how often i'll blog then lol.

anyways i'm waffling now so off i go to find my knitting and decide which WIP i'm going to pick up today

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