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Thursday, 27 December 2007

New Year Whatnots

To be honest i don't do New Years Resolutions but i have set up some sort of want list for 2008. When i say want list i mean things i want to either improve or compleate by the end of 2008 or by the end of certain months.

knitting related i want to Destash as my yarn mountain is rather large and finish stuff i've already started. I have lots of chunky stuff to knit up hats for the girls and myself and i'm on a scarf for my fil and one for my mil. Then there are socks. I have 1 childs one which i'm halfway through the second sock but it won't fit any of my two now as i knitted it too tight. I have embossed leaves to finish (actually im on the foot of the second sock so not long). Then there is my anatomically correct toe sock of which i need to do the left foot (it is otp).

Other clothing wise, i have my mirtal which is a job and a half but also a way of inspiring me to loose the weight i need to loose so my destash includes my thickening waistline as well as my growing yarn mountain lol. Georgie will aslo want her green poncho this year so i'd best finish crocheting that up.

There is also the crochet blanket i started in the first place back in july 2005 when i first gave up smoking. That is one thing i want to finish and then give to my nain.

Like i said somewhere near my mirtal i've set myself a whole year to lose at least 21lb and may have a dry january but will have to wait and see on that one lol!! I also want to gut and declutter on room a month and keep it tidy and orgainsed so will need to retrain myself not to just dump stuff where i can. Must learn to put things away which is hard when you've been dumping stuff for 37 years.

think that may be enough wants for 2008 for changes wise apart from Hinckley United playing better and winning some games!

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Nic said...

Ooh I'm with you on the stash-busting!! In fact I had some yarn in my shopping basket at McA this afternoon but then walked away from the computer and decided that I didn't NEED it. YAY go me!!

If you knit/crochet really fast to get rid of your yarn, you won't have time to eat or drink so you will have a shrinking waist too ;)

Good luck hun.