Will I be Fat and 40

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Weight loss this week

ok so i'm starting this group on a tuesday in February but i'm going to carry on with my friday weigh in till then and then i'll post my new weight on a tuesday on my blog :0)

So i got on the scales on friday morning and they showed my weight at 12stone 12lb which means a loss of 4lb!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO

i've still not got round to getting Alex to take a photo of me but i will get it done this week and stick it on here ready for a new photo in February. New measurements will be taken on 1st February.

On the work front this week i'm having to walk to work in case it rains because the windscreen wipers are knackered on the car. I'm ok walking there but i do get a lift home because i'm finishing in my kitchen at 1pm and going to the Juniors to work there till 2.45pm. Lucky for me i get to sit down at the juniors as i'm on the till and then do the cashing up. I'm managing to walk about 5 miles a day at the moment and, since the walking to work isn't doing too much to my foot i'll keep going even after the cars mended but possibly not every day.

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Sarah said...

Good Girl Lottie!
Walking is great exercise - I walk to school every day even tho I could take the car. Just try not to fall over lol!